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Lowongan Gabriel Aerospace Systems (Feb 2011)

PT Gabriel Aerospace Systems Indonesia, a fast growing and highly motivated company doing business in the Aerospace Electronics, Flight Data Analysis, and Aircraft Avionics & Systems certification industry. Our goal is to bring a new fresh breath of innovative design, quality, and new technology to the expanding Aerospace technology market.

Today our customers include such name brands as Jetblue Airways, Virgin America, Merpati, Lion Air, and Jetaire Aerospace and Technologies just to name a few. Please visit us at to learn more about our products and services.

Engineer - "Network / IT / Computing" (Jakarta Raya)
Degree Requirements:
o (S1) Bachelor's in IT, Networking, and Computing (fresh graduates are welcome)

Experience Requirements:
The seleted candidate will:
o Design, implement, and manage company (domestic and international) IT computer network in a cost effective and efficient manner with regard to security, internet, and network standards.
o Create, revise, improve, maintain, update, and streamline company website to be in harmony with the latest website enhancements, web languages, and web technology available on the market.
o Design company management systems (software + database) in the areas of engineering, finance, operations/logistics, and other areas as needed.
o Manage all company computer applications, access privileges, and adminstrative rights.
o Provide Help Desk support for all departments (i.e. - Remote Assistance/Desktop, etc…)
o Identify the need for new software and systems or the re-engineering of existing ones.
o Ensure multiple/redundant backups are in place for all direct and indirect systems.
o Design, install, and maintain videoconferecing, audio-visual, and projector systems
o Assist all business operations and company units/teams/departments in utilizing company information systems to improve efficiency.
o Collect various statistics on the performance and reliability of systems and produce relevant reports.
o Review, evaluate, recommend and administer enhancements to the companies network infrastructure.
o Assist in the technical purchasing of NIC (Network-Internet-Computing) products.
o Support all departments with software development, coding, configuration, product release.
o Contribute to proposals and project development related to companies designs/innovations.
o Assist in performing software distribution updates, scripting, testing and support..
o Provide "daily/weekly/monthly/yearly" reports on NIC objectives, accomplishments, obstacles, and progress on current tasks.
o Provide NIC training - if necessary - to new staff and/or existing staff.
o Coordinate with other team leaders as necessary during joint project initiatives.
o Travel domestically and internationally when required to meet company objectives.

Strong English language skills - writing, reading, & speaking - is a must!

Engineer - Mechanical, Graphics, & Publications (Jakarta Raya)
Degree Requirements:
o (S1) Degree in Mechanical Engineering (with a specialty in Graphics, Media, Programming and Publications).

Experience Requirements:
The candidate must have proven skills and at least one year of experience in:
o CATIA, SolidWorks, Pro/E, and AutoCAD
o Manufacturing, conceptual design, product design, solid modeling, assembly modeling, detail design, and design optimization
o Dynamic, static, and thermal stress analysis
o Document management and technical publications
o Web design and 2D/3D graphics (with concentration in simulation and 3D motion)
o Preparation and review of systems documentation, including requirement descriptions, test procedures and verification test reports
o Willingness to travel domestically and internationally
o Must be fluent in the English language (writing, reading, and speaking)
o Ability to work alone or on a team

Salary: Negotiable / Contract: 1 year / Start Date: 1 March 2011
Send CV to:

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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