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Lowongan Kerja Inalum (Feb 2011)

PT. Indonesia Asahan Aluminium (INALUM), a joint venture company between the Government of Indonesia and Nippon Asahan Aluminium Co., Ltd. was established in Jakarta. INALUM is to construct and operate the Asahan Project, in accordance with Master Agreement. The shareholding ratio between the Indonesian Government and Nippon Asahan Aluminium Co., Ltd. on the establishment of the company was 10% to 90%. In October 1978 the ratio changed to 25% to 75% and since June 1987 it has been 41.13% to 58.87%. The share composition then changed to 41.12% for the Government of Indonesia and 58.12% for NAA Co., Ltd. on February 10, 1998.

To implement the provisions of Master Agreement, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia issued a Presidential Decree No. 5 of 1976 for the establishment of Asahan Development Authority as a representative of the Government responsible for the smooth construction and development of the Asahan Project.

INALUM can be recorded as a pioneer and the first company in Indonesia dealing with an aluminium smelting industry with a huge investment of 411 billion Yen .

General Requirements:

1. Maximum Age: 28 years for S1 (as of February 19, 2011) , 25 years for D3 (as of February 19, 2011)
2. Minimum GPA of 3.00 (in Scale 4)
3. Having a diploma:

S1 Department / Code

* Mechanical Engineering (MEC)
* Electronics Engineering (Elk)
* Electrical Engineering (ELC)
* Civil Engineering (CIV)
* Management (MGT)
* Psychology (PSI)

D3 Department / Code

* Chemical Engineering/ Industri Engineering (KIM3)
* Electrical Engineering (ELC3)
* Environment Engineering (EnV3)
* Machinery Engineering (MEC3)
* Chemical Analyst (CHE3)
* Civil Engineering (CIV3)
* Management (MGT3)
* Communication (KOM3)
* Electronics Engineering (ELK3)
* Accounting / Tax (ACC3)
* Computer Science (COM3)

4. Gender: Male
5. Willing to be placed at all work sites PT Inalum.

Special Requirements:

For certain majors, applicants must submit an additional certificate is still valid, namely:

Tax Certificate Brevet A & B (for majors ACC3)
Certificate of minimum TOEFL score of 500 or a minimum TOEIC score of 700 is still valid from a Credible institutions (For majors MGT)

Applications may be sent to one of the following addresses:

HRD PT Inalum
Tebing Tinggi,
Sumatera Utara 20600

PAS PT Inalum
Sumatera Utara 22384

JAS PT Inalum
Jakarta 12609

File application is prepared: as follows

1. Pas recent color photo 3 x 4 (2 sheets)
2. Copy of valid ID card
3. Job Application Letter
4. Curriculum Vitae
5. Copy of diploma (certified)
6. Copy of Transcript (legalized)
7. Additional Certificates (as per the specific requirements)
8. Write the Code Department at the top right corner of cover letter.

Applications Accepted as of the date at the latest of February 19, 2011 (Cap Pos)

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